/ 大卫-贝克 David Bek (1944) 

大卫-贝克 David Bek (1944)

IMDB スコア: 6.5 スコア ( 26 投票 ) ;
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製作会社: Yerevan Film Studio, カントリー: SUHH, 言語: RU
長さ: 93 分 ,

履歴:   David Bek, Armenian national hero, leads the liberation struggle of Armenians against Persian conquerors in the XVIII century. He was one of the most prominent figures of the Armenian liberation movement against the Safavid and Ottoman occupying forces. In 1722-25 with direct support from Mkhitar Sparapet, he headed the armed struggle of Syunik (particularly from Kapan) and Artsakh Armenians against Safavids, which led to the almost complete expulsion of Tatars (now known as Azeris) from Eastern Armenia...