/ 快乐天地 This Happy Breed (1944) 

快乐天地 This Happy Breed (1944)

エイリアス: 快乐家庭 | 天伦之乐 | Noel Coward's This Happy Breed
IMDB スコア: 7.3 スコア ( 2561 投票 ) ;
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製作会社: Noel Coward-Cineguild, カントリー: GB, 言語: EN
長さ: 115 分 , 分類: Not Rated

履歴:   Noel Coward's attempt to show how the ordinary people lived between the wars. Just after WWI the Gibbons family moves to a nice house in the suburbs. An ordinary sort of life is led by the family through the years with average number of triumphs and disasters until the outbreak of WWII....