/ 牧野芳踪 Tammy and the Bachelor (1957) 

牧野芳踪 Tammy and the Bachelor (1957)

エイリアス: 塔米与单身汉
IMDB スコア: 7 スコア ( 1961 投票 ) ;
ディレクター: ;
製作会社: Universal International Pictures (UI), カントリー: US, 言語: EN
長さ: 89 分 , 分類: Approved

名誉: 第30届奥斯卡金像奖 最佳原创歌曲(提名) /
履歴:   When Pete's plane crashes in the swamp, he's rescued by young Tammy, an unsophisticated backwoods girl who lives with her lay-preacher-cum-moonshiner grandfather. When Pete's well, he goes back home to his fiancée. But then Grampa gets sent to jail and he sends Tammy to stay with Pete. At Pete's house, Tammy's home cooking, enthusiasm and quaint sunshiny personality bring about changes in Pete's family and in Pete himself....