/ 卡宾枪手 Les carabiniers (1963) 

卡宾枪手 Les carabiniers (1963)

エイリアス: 枪兵 | 枪手 | The Carabineers
IMDB スコア: 7 スコア ( 2616 投票 ) ;
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製作会社: Cocinor, カントリー: FR, 言語: FR
長さ: 75 分 ,

履歴:   During a war, the poor and ignorant brothers Ulysses and Michel-Ange are lured and recruited by two soldiers that promise wealth to them in the name of their King. The greedy wife of Ulysses Cleopatre and her daughter Venus ask them to enlist to pursue fortune. They travel to Italy and become unscrupulous criminals of war. When Ulysses is wounded in one eye, he returns home with Michel-Ange and a small bag full of postcards of famous locations and the promise that they would be entitled of the propertie...