/ Superchick (1973) 

Superchick (1973)

IMDB スコア: 3.2 スコア ( 322 投票 ) ;
ディレクター: ;
製作会社: Marimark Productions, カントリー: US, 言語: EN
長さ: 94 分 , 分類: R

履歴:   Tara B. True is a ***ht attendant who makes a weekly swing through New York, Miami, and Los Angeles. In each city, she has a man: Edward, older and wealthy; Johnny, a beach bum with gambling debts; and, Davey, a rock musician on the cusp of success. Tara is a free spirit, faithful to each man in her own way, and so stunning that she dresses in a wig and ill-fitting uniform whil......