/ 命运 Yazgi (2001) 

命运 Yazgi (2001)

エイリアス: Fate
IMDB スコア: 7.7 スコア ( 3501 投票 ) ;
ディレクター: ;
製作会社: Mavi Film, カントリー: TR, 言語: TR
長さ: 119 分 ,

履歴:   Musa, who works as a bookkeeper in the customs office, believes in the emptiness and absurdity of life. He doesn't struggle to change his life; he lets himself flow along with events because he thinks that it all leads to the same end. The death of his mother doesn't affect him. Although he loves her, her death makes him joyful. In order to avoid making any decisions he marries a girl whom he doesn't like, because she wants it. Whereas in his world, people deal with their fate by their own will and powe...