/ 佩吉·道 Peggy Dow 

佩吉·道 Peggy Dow

女優 , 年齢: 90 ( 星座: 魚座, 旧正月: 龍 )
誕生日: 1928年3月18日 日曜日
出身地: 美国,密西西比州,哥伦比亚
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プロフィール:   This promising 1950s Universal-International contract player had so much going for her -- beauty, brains and talent -- to go the distance, but she came up far short after deciding to retire for domestic life. Not remembered all that well today, pretty and wholesome blonde Peggy Dow was born Margaret Josephine Varnadow on March 18, 1928, in Columbia, Mississippi. Her father, a businessman, moved about quite a bit but the family subsequently settled in Louisiana, where she attended college (both Louisiana State and...